After I relocated from Athens to Cyprus I met a very special neighbour…


She goes by the name Stella aka Astraki based in the Old Town of Nicosia. She’s a street artist and likes mixing up vivid colors with strong contrast, clean shapes and playful meanings. Murals, graffiti, stencil and paste up are some of her favorite things. Apart from that she likes transforming furniture with her own style. At the image gallery on your left you can see some of her work. As time passed by and we got acquainted, Stella asked me to film some of her workshop events she held in the Old Town. Happily I accepted her invitation and the outcome of our smooth collaboration is shown in the following page.

Later on she asked me to help her for a street art project that will takes place in the Old Town of Nicosia.




Mostly paste-up, paper, colors and glue. Shot on a Canon C100 & a DJI Phantom4

Teaser Event Video

Paste Up Workshop


So we started with this one, the first video teaser for Paste Up Workshop in Pi Ke Fi in Nicosia’s Old Town. Shot in 2013 with a Canon 60D.
The Flashbulb – Undiscovered Colors.

More info here

Event Video

Paste Up Workshop


“Plinth” is a project that is handled by the fashion designer ‘Anna Apostolou’ and is hosted by the multi-purpose venue Π + Φ  in Nicosia.

During the weekends various artists and designers were invited to give the public the opportunity to get to know their work through various workshops or lectures. All workshops and lectures were open to the public and were free of charge. In this way, Anna tried to bring the public closer to the creative process so that they understand how an idea is born, how it evolves through the means you have and how it ends up in the market. Through this process, the buyer / consumer gets to know and acknowledges the “trouble” of the creator, which he may have previously been unaware of.

The Flashbulb – Arrival to an empty room & Billa Qause – Am I Blue.

Teaser Event Video

Paste Up Workshop


This is a second video teaser for Paste Up Workshop in Argo Art Gallery in Nicosia.
Mr.Z – bossa nova στην ταράτσα.

Admiradores del circulo

presents – 10 years Astraki – at Prozak Cafe